The concrete is formed by the union of a hydraulic binder (cement) with stone elements called aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed stone), which are mixed with water and additives to form a mixture that will be molded according to the needs
the products used are:

– aggregati marcati CE in conformità alla Norma UNI EN 12620;

- CE marked cements in compliance with the UNI EN 197-1 standard;

- CE marked additives in compliance with the UNI 934-2 standard;

- mixing water complying with the requirements of the UNI EN 1008 standard;

- special additions in function of the concrete to be made: waterproof, resistant to chemical attacks or freeze / thaw, with controlled shrinkage

The D.M. 14.01.2008 (Technical Construction Standards) brings innovative aspects regarding the use of reinforced concrete. The concept of durability of the work is introduced as an essential requirement as well as stability and resistance. In light of the concept of durability, the concretes are also reclassified according to the most recent ones


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