Euroasfalti Srl has an area for the storage and recovery of non-hazardous waste deriving from excavations and demolitions, thus giving its customers the possibility of conferring, in full compliance with current legislation, the so-called milled material deriving from road scarification. , and the rubble resulting from the demolition of road, industrial and civil works not contaminated by dangerous substances.

The different types of waste that can be conferred are: - bituminous conglomerate; - reinforced concrete; - bricks;

The delivered material is subjected to appropriate processing cycles so that it can be reused in the production cycle: the milled material is used in the production of bituminous conglomerate, while the rubble is used for the production of aggregates for the formation of embankments and road foundations.

The valorisation of demolition waste is carried out in compliance, not only with current regulations, but with those values ​​of eco-sustainability that the company has adopted by adopting a new concept of sustainability in the production of road materials.

For more information on how to provide, please contact the Technical Office.

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