Euroasfalti is a company specialized in the production and distribution of ready-mixed concrete and bituminous conglomerate present on the market for over 20 years, the experience acquired guarantees its customers products of high and constant quality as well as a delivery service based on an efficient and new park vehicles 

The particularly dynamic and flexible approach allows it to adopt specific solutions for every construction site need, from small works to large public works, ensuring the customer precise deadlines and 24-hour services even on holidays.

The batching plants are all equipped with high-tech solutions, which allow it to obtain products of remarkable quality standards capable of satisfying every need even in the most severe applications

All concrete mixing plants are equipped with FPC Certification of the production process of the cement conglomerate.

Euroasfalti also stands out for its attention to the environment, in fact it has always shown an attitude to be sustainable and to corporate social responsibility.

Euroasfalti has always been synonymous with professionalism, competitiveness and consistency.

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